We have been busy here over the past few months! Bringing in new services, upgrading technology, and adding staff! We think you will be pleased with our latest additions!

Last winter we did a soft launch of a medically guided weight loss program, Ideal Protein. We felt this was an excellent addition to our body sculpting services. The strategy behind Ideal Protein is it is a 4 phase weight loss plan that guides you through maintenance for a healthy lifestyle change, not just short term weight loss. To date we have 11 dieters enrolled and they have collectively lost 205 pounds since late January. To say they are thrilled is an understatement, and we are so excited to be a part of changing people’s lives and improving their health!

A recent upgrade in technology to our Exilis™ treatment was completed in May, which added ultrasound to the radiofrequency modality, which is now called Exilis Ultra™.  This upgrade has made this treatment so much more comfortable for clients and is producing phenomenal results with both the skin tightening component as well as the body sculpting component.

Another technology we have added is the Cellutone™ for the treatment of cellulite. This uses the power of therapeutic vibration, which is an option for those who want to improve their skin elasticity, dermal firming or dimpled skin appearance. The recommended number of treatments is between 4-6, with periodic maintenance treatments. Treatments are very comfortable with no downtime required.

We have added a couple of new dermal fillers to the line up as well! Refyne and Defyne join our Restylane family and add more versatility and treatment options for lost volume.

Last but not least, we have a new member of the Refine team! Trina Pederson, Licensed Aesthetician has joined us. We couldn’t be happier with our newest team member and we are sure you will too!

Whew! And if you thought we were done, you would be wrong! We are working behind the scenes to continue to grow and bring you the most cutting edge treatments for anti-aging and body sculpting. We think you will also be very pleased with what we are diligently working on, so stay tuned, more information will be coming soon!