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Styku 3D Body Imaging

Before undergoing any body contouring treatments, you’ll want to know your body measurements. This data can help you make educated decisions about which body contouring options will help you reach your goals. With state-of-the-art Styku™, we can provide comprehensive three-dimensional body scans to gather accurate measurements.

Styku allows clients and clinicians to see the body like never before, choose the best treatments and procedures, and empirically measure and track results. Using Styku technology, along with the expertise of the team here at Refine Dermatique, we can help you determine the ideal treatment plan for achieving your dream contours.

The many benefits of using Styku include:

Fast scans
3D modeling
Intuitive, touch-screen results
Non-invasive measuring

Styku Analysis Scan

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Styku work?

Patients stand on a rotating platform for 30 seconds while an infrared camera takes over 600 pictures. Those pictures are mapped to a 3D model and used to calculate hundreds of accurate measurements. Then, a patient and doctor can look at the model together on an intuitive, touch-screen app, which allows for zooming in and rotating the 3D model, to determine which body-contouring treatments will best help a patient meet her or his goals.

Does Styku hurt?

Styku is non-invasive and not at all painful. It’s just like getting your picture taken for half a minute. The only requirement is that you need to wear form-fitting clothing or underwear.

With what services does Styku work best?

Styku is a great starting point for many treatments at Refine Dermatique, including CoolSculpting® and Exilis™ fat reduction, as well as our medically-managed weight loss program. Styku is a great way to track progress with any exercise program. Simply schedule an appointment to have a Styku body measurement done.

How does Styku track results?

Completing a Styku scan both before and after a treatment can show differences that a scale might not. Body contouring can help patients lose inches even if their weight does not fluctuate much. With Styku, we can more accurately track your progress through body contouring treatments to help you reach your goals.

How do I get started with Styku?

To begin Styku at Refine Dermatique, fill out this form or call 320.253.3435 to schedule your appointment. 


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