We all need a little extra fun and cheer this holiday season, so we’ve brought in a few gifts that make our lives easier, and a few that just make us smile.

For those of you looking to gain a competitive edge against your in-law’s gifts this season, we’ve assembled the perfect guide to get you started. If you happen to stumble on something for yourself– we won’t judge. 

1. Makeup Cheaters

We’ve all seen the otherwise attractive woman at the store, who valiantly tried to get herself together, only to apply her eyeliner half-way up her lid because she couldn’t get close enough to the mirror? You are in luck -because now you can use make-up cheaters!

Dial-in your finer work easily by choosing your cheater power and leave the 10x mirror at home.

Forget hassling with magnifying mirrors. Take these little gems with you wherever you go and simply switch lens from one side to the other for instant magnification.



2. Honey Bear Hand Sanitizer

Those who know me, know hand-sanitizer, or any sanitizer, for that matter is near and dear to my neurotic heart. Now that it is a daily part of all our lives, why not make yourself smile every time you spritz your hands with this cute little bear. The best part, this stuff doesn’t smell like crap!

A breakthrough formula that delivers instant hydration for smoother, more radiant-looking skin — while helping amplify skin’s hyaluronic acid levels over time.


3. Marshique Magic Lash Curler

“Holy lifted eyelashes, Batman!” This was one of the prize finds from our Korea trip. The Marshique Air Lash curler uses a patented heated air system that keeps the temperature of the air precise, so as not to damage precious eyelashes. After applying mascara, simply turn the air lash curler on and place it at the base of your lashes for a few seconds, and you will have sky-high lashes all day AND night! It is also safe to use on lash extensions too. The removable silicone head is easy to clean and the silicone resists bacteria. You have to try it to believe it.

The world’s first patented eyelash dryer. Curls eyelashes without damage.  Curls lashes beautifully with warm, gentle air.

  • Damage free warm air setting
  • 1 Full Charge Lasts 1 Month
  • Detachable and washable brush
  • Soft Hygienic Silicone
  • 1 Year Warranty



4. Exfoliation Cloths

Want to feel that baby-soft skin on your face? These specially woven cloths are chemical-free, washable, durable, and last for months. Clear pores, improve circulation, gentle, and effective exfoliation. Wash at 40°C /104°F after every 2-3 uses.

Specially woven cloths for gentle, effective exfoliation.

\Wash at 40°C /104°F after every 2-3 uses.


5. Satin-lined Sleep Beanie

Wake up looking like Jack Nicholson from the Shining? You need the satin-lined sleep beanie. Sleeping with your hair against satin helps to eliminate frizz, split ends, and untamable kinks in hair. Reducing the friction of hair against a cotton pillowcase can keep your hair healthier, hydrated, and ready to go in the am!

This new jersey-lined Satin Sleep Beanie will keep away the nightmares! The jersey helps save your style while you sleep. It also prevents breakage, tangles, or hair thinning. The high-quality satin creates a luxurious friction-free barrier for all hair types.



6. Posh Plush Toys

Is there a four-legged friend on your list? We’ve been loving these tiny “splurges” for our dogs. From a Pawtier watch to a Pawda handbag, you’ll find a toy to match your dog’s style. Check out the shop to see all of the styles available.

Shoe-fiend Schnauzer? The Tory Bark Shoe is the perfect plush toy for any dog with good taste in shoes.



I’m just getting started! Check out the holiday boutique to see more unique stocking stuffers. From personal protection to beard-trimming clean-up, we’ve got something for the pickiest on your shopping list.