LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is another form of light treatment that can be customized to your skin’s needs.  Different spectrums of light benefit your skin in different ways.

Red LED light promotes circulation, reduces redness and inflammation as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Blue LED Light targets oil glands to make them less active as well as kill acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin.

GentleWaves® LED is another light treatment which uses many LED lights at a precise sequence of light pulses. These pulses of light stimulate increased cell activity, making your cells act like younger cells that produce essential proteins that are responsible for the qualities of youthful skin. GentleWaves® reduces inflammation, redness and healing time of the skin post procedure. It is also a great treatment for rosacea.

LED light therapy is generally used in conjunction with other treatments to boost results.

Can be used to treat:

Dull-looking skin
Sun damage

Most common areas treated:


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical GentleWaves® treatment take?

A GentleWaves® treatment usually lasts a few minutes, however the length of treatment can vary depending on the area being treated.

When can I see results from my GentleWaves® treatment?

Clients can begin to see improvements after several treatments. The team at Refine Dermatique can determine how many GentleWaves® treatments a client will need based on the area being treated and the desired results.

How long will my GentleWaves® results last?

Results from GentleWaves® treatments can continue to improve for up to six months after treatment. Longer-lasting results can be seen with a good skincare regimen paired with daily sunscreen.

Can I combine GentleWaves® treatments with other treatments?

Clients can receive GentleWaves® on their own or in combination with other treatments such as skin rejuvenation treatments, Botox®, and dermal fillers and laser treatments.

How can I get started with GentleWaves® LED treatments?

To begin GentleWaves® LED Treatment at Refine Dermatique, fill out this form or call 320.253.3435 to schedule your appointment.


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