We all deserve to feel beautiful and confident and some moments in time matter a little more than others. Special occasions like weddings, graduations, reunions or special parties, we want to look our best especially since they will likely be captured in time with photographs. Taking extra steps to ensure we are on top of our game best is the best bet. Fall is usually a good time to get started if your event will be in the spring or summer.

Schedule an in-depth consultation before the event with your skincare specialist. The sooner you start, the better as many treatments take several months before the end result is achieved. At this point, all of the concerns with your skin are assessed as well as anybody contouring goals you may have. The six-month window allows for enough time to work on all areas of the desired change. At this time a customized skincare regimen will be provided for you. This is also the time right skincare regimen to help improve the overall integrity of your skin. Proper skincare will also help to achieve maximum results, as well as help, maintain your in-office procedures. Topical products can take up to 12 weeks to affect change in the skin, so it is always recommended to start a new routine several months in advance of the special occasion. Remember that starting any new skincare regimen can lead to temporary, transitional dryness, or minor breakouts, so revising your skincare plan with time to spare also gives your skin a chance to acclimate to new products.

The following is a general timeline to help you get ready for the big day whatever it may be. A little disclaimer: Do not start trying new products or treatments right before an event as there’s always a chance you could have an adverse reaction or sensitivity to something.

6 Months – 1 Year Prior

3 Months – 6 Months Prior

1 Month – 3 Months Prior

8 Weeks Prior:

A good exfoliating treatment such as a mid-level chemical peel or an Express MicroLaser Peel to brighten and reveal fresh radiant skin.

4 Weeks Prior:

This is a good time to have our Flawless Facial which is a combination of several exfoliating treatments. One of the exfoliating treatments in this facial is dermaplaning, which involves using a medical-grade blade to remove the upper layer of dead skin cells as well as peach fuzz on the face. It leaves the skin so smooth and makes makeup look completely flawless –perfect for pictures! Dermaplaning is then followed with a light chemical peel that leaves skin looking bright, healthy and radiant with virtually no visible flaking.

One or Two Days Prior:

If all went well with the dermaplaning/light peel combo, repeating the procedure right before the big day is a great option. Skin looks its most amazing one to three days after treatment, so this is the perfect time to get an extra boost of radiance.

Get your beauty rest and make sure to hydrate: plump up skin cells by drinking plenty of water and use a topical hydrating complex to help fight the effects of stress and alcohol. Avoid salt heavy foods to combat puffiness.

The Big Day

Relax! Enjoy this day my friend. You have worked hard and done all the heavy lifting. You are beautiful and deserve all of it! Photos on this day will forever capture your radiance and beauty!