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Serious exfoliation with an added benefit

Dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment with the added benefit of removing vellus hair, commonly referred to as peach fuzz. During a dermaplaning session, the skin care specialist uses a medical-grade scalpel to scrape across the surface of the skin.

The blade removes a layer of dead skin as well as any vellus facial hair, immediately brightening it. This also helps skin care products absorb better and helps makeup glide on smoothly.

Dermaplaning is safe for all skin types, and is especially beneficial to those with sun damage, fine lines, dry patches, and dull skin. But those with sensitive skin should consult with their skin care specialist before receiving treatment.

This treatment should be done only by professionals who are trained in this procedure.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

Exfoliates the skin
Makeup goes on smoother
Skin care products absorb better
Removes vellus hair
Helps sun damage, fine lines, dry patches, and dull skin

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hair grow back after dermaplaning?

Yes, but it does not grow back thicker or faster. It’s biologically impossible for hair to grow back thicker because of dermaplaning. Dermaplaning simply creates a blunt tip on the hairs, which many people interpret as greater thickness.

Can I receive dermaplaning treatments if I have sensitive skin?

Yes it is safe for sensitive skin, however if you have very reactive skin, rosacea, active cystic acne, or those with cold sores should not receive dermaplaning.

What does my skin look like after treatment?

You will immediately notice a brightness to your skin. Some light redness can appear but not always. You should wait at least a month between treatments.

Is dermaplaning the same as if I shave my face at home?

No – dermaplaning in office is much more effective at removing dead skin cells due to the use of a scalpel blade. This is a bit more than just shaving your face.


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