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Loose Skin Treatments Saint Cloud

Tighten your body.

Loose, baggy or excess skin can be found almost anywhere on the body. We can help firm up the look of your skin, to redefine who you want to be.

Facial Contouring- Loss of volume in different areas of the face results in a lack of contouring.

Chin/Jowl/Neck Fullness- The skin around the chin and neck begins to sag, causing the look of ‘fullness’ in the area. Fat deposits can also contribute to this ‘full’ look.

Face/Neck Skin Elasticity- The slowing production and loss of collagen causes the elasticity of the skin on the face and neck to decrease.

Eyes- Skin laxity and wrinkles usually appear here first due to the delicate skin around the eyes.

Loose Abdominal Skin- Collagen and elastin fibers damaged during pregnancy or after weight loss contribute to the look of excess and sagging skin.